Our Spirit Tribe

who is willing and able?

Now for the latest project that I invite you to join me in if you are open to abundance in your life and those around you…. The idea of Our Spirit Tribe is to create a new parallel economy not based on money. To have daily experiences quite different to the business world that most of us are effected by today. If you need more information, you will get an idea of the spirit of this experiment by reading the few sentences and photos shared so far on Facebook below, it is all new.
The idea is to take what is called a “gift economy” and turn it into a way of life to parallel our involvement in the day to day scarcity/money based world that effects us all.

Our Spirit Tribe looks at the abundance we all have within us or around us that is not essential to our way of life and opens us up to the possibility of sharing it with others perhaps complete starngers with no expectations of even a thank you…giving from our surplus with no agenda at all to people who may not even know us. The gift can be as simple as a song, a smile or a hug to those who need it…or much more we only ask…”how can I help?”
So the experiment for the next days, weeks, months or years is to go up to people you may know or not, who may be related to you or not, who may be a friend of a friend or a complete stranger or not, and ask them to list a few things other than money that they really need right now. These people can be poor or rich, old or young, healthy or sick, there is no requirement here as to who qualifies, as the rich can be starving for a hug or listening ear as easily as the poor can be starving for some food.

Once you know a few non monetary things that a person needs right now, if you feel like you can help them with one or more just do it without conditions, maybe they do not even know it comes from you. If you can not supply them with one or more things that they need from your abundance/surplus then perhaps ask others you know who are in abundance/surplus if they might be willing to gift one or more to this person even if they do not know that person. Even if they receive nothing back from it. See what happens!!!!
If you are happy with what happens, then put it in your life…your community, your Facebook page, your emails…call it Our Spirit Tribe…creating a group of people who operate from spirit not from “what is in it for me”. People who live each day with the confidence that they and others have so much to give not to fear. A Tribe that knows we all have times when we have a surplus smile, hug, materials, food, ideas,etc…..and there is someone out there who could benefit from it in a non-monetary way.

Are we willing to start setting up around the world a new economy and a new tribe based on “how can I help you today” rather than “what is in it for me”? Can we start a new Spirit Tribe that sees the world has enough food right now to feed everyone, enough fiber to clothe everyone, enough building materials to house everyone, enough brainpower right now to solve many of the challenges we face on the planet, …what is missing is our willingness to share it without conditions…can we turn this all around? Would that not be amazing!!!!
Our Spirit Tribe is dedicated to a Festival of giving of our spirit that never ends, is not locked into time and space and has no agenda in giving others than to just give and see what happens….will you steward Our Spirit Tribe in the Netherlands and Europe and see what happens? I hope so!!!
Please let me know how you feel about this..and pass it forward to as many people you know as possible…perhaps all that ails us can be remedied with a simple “how can I help you today?”.. with no expectations on my part of receiving anything back from you or the universe…just let me see what we can do sharing together so that all may have what they need. Our Spirit Tribe can do that and who knows what world may result from this spreading far and wide, no one owns it, no one person profits from it, no one is president of it, everyone belongs and everyone wins!